Run Coaching Clinic: What's wrong with Jogging!

Updated: Feb 18

The word jogging seems to brew up some heated discussion in the world of the modern runner. Often heated disagreement with what "speed" you need to be doing in order to be a "runner"! But we really are missing the point, jogging is more about effort rather than speed. Easy running is an essential part of any schedule but I see so many runners training simply too hard especially on the longer runs.

Jogging or easy running is an essential element of any endurance training plan, it forms the base of our training pyramid. It is a recovery run or a long run and is the easiest way to build or add volume to your week.

Too many one size fits all training plans virtually miss this type of running out and push for speed instead. The result is that most people are just training far too hard most of the time.

So what are we aiming for and what is the point of jogging? Our general aim is easy with a conversational pace that we could do for some extended period. This type of run forms the basis of our long run and our recovery runs which will make up a large part of the volume we do each week. Easy volume is the foundation building improvements in muscle mitochondria, blood capillaries, and fuel efficiency. The development of our aerobic running economy for all events from 5k onwards is the primary goal of any run coaching plan.

So the message is that jogging is not the enemy and deserves a much bigger part in your training schedule than perhaps some of these modern schedules will allow.

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Mark is a Lydiard foundation run coach with over 40 years of experience in running, racing, and triathlons. Having a coach is a great way to learn and grow as an athlete and to stay motivated on your running journey.