Running Injury Clinic: Recovery From Training.

Updated: Feb 18

Rest and recovery are essential to allow the body and its systems to fully recover and adapt. Adaptation is what builds fitness and your ability to perform at your best.

  1. Rest from a load of your specific sport; This could mean active rest in the form of another activity or time off relaxing. It is important to manage the weekly load from all activities including work and daily life. Rest is the most important element in your training. We should plan training around rest, not the other way around.

  2. Nutrition is extremely important to support your daily/weekly needs and adding quality nutrients into your diet to fuel your body is essential. Good high-quality food covering all your macro-nutrient needs is required to support your training. Adequate carbohydrates for a usable fuel source. Quality protein to support muscle repair. Fats support the absorption of essential micro-nutrients.

  3. Hydration is on par with nutrition always something we need to keep on top of all day. Being consistent, reducing the need to panic drink just before a session. Regular amounts of fluid throughout the day to achieve optimal hydration rather than drinking erratic or large quantities.

  4. Sleep is an essential need for all humans and trying to get regular good quality sleep will aid recovery and muscle repair. Research suggests 8 hours* quality sleep per night is required for adequate muscle repair.

  5. Stress reduction is an activity few can master but we all need to be mindful of the impact high stress has on all of our lives from family, work, sleep, inflammation, and exercise. Managing the psychological impact that everything has on us is a great skill to aid our recovery. Mindfulness and meditation are a great addition to relaxation in aiding recovery.

  6. Regular Soft Tissue Therapy is the perfect addition to your recovery strategy. The perfect way to stay on top of the aches, pains, and niggles we get during training. A good therapist will work with you to manage your training load and help with exercises to stay on top of any issues we find.

I can offer many soft tissue therapy techniques to help reduce pain and improve movement. I have various methods of exercise therapy to help reduce pain and improve function. Book in to see how I can help with your pain.

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