Sports Injury Clinic: Rehab and Treatment.

Updated: Feb 11

What are the goals of therapy for your sports injury or pain?

Our immediate goal is to reduce your pain. Our secondary goal is to get you back to doing your favorite activities that you enjoy doing.

Our initial plan would be to help you modify what you are doing in order to reduce the strain on tissue structures. We may not always require you to stop completely as we can use your regular activity to form part of your rehab. The emphasis is on collaboration between us as this should be client-centered built around you and what you choose.

Sports Injury Rehab can be frustrating to start with but we can usually find things for you to do that allow you to make a speedy recovery and not lose your ability.

Rest and recovery are an essential part of any training plan and any rehab plan. A high proportion of Sports Injury is caused by training errors such as not allowing for adaptation or inadequate rest and recovery.

Sports Injury Rehab is never a linear or straight road so if we expect setbacks we can be prepared for them and react quickly. Working and collaborating with your therapist is essential to make your plan individual to you. Any concerns need to be addressed to make the best use of your time and ability. Making sure you are able to understand what is required and are able to cope with what you are trying to do. Any sports injury rehab plan must fit your needs and goals.

Our modern sedentary lifestyle where long periods are spent static and inactive contribute to stress and inflammation. Keeping well hydrated, nourished, and active can help to reduce this and aid recovery from training.