Sports Injury Clinic Tissue Capacity.

Updated: Feb 11

Restore tissue capacity or Increase tissue capacity and what is the best way to do this? Whenever I see a Sports Injury in the clinic I always look at this question and go through the answers with a client.

For the vast majority of sports injuries restoring capacity is enough. When we consider that 70% of running injuries are caused by simple training errors we can see this broadly covers most sports or “sports injuries”. So once we start to correct these errors tissue capacity becomes less of an issue and will respond accordingly to the right stimulus. So we can use your sport as a rehab tool and get you back as quickly as possible. Strength & Conditioning has a place in your training but it will not stop you from getting injured if you keep making the same old mistakes. Rest & Recovery = adaptation, the most important aspect of any training plan but the one most ignored.

When I see persistent pain/injury or repeated injury we might want to try and increase tissue capacity to try and break this cycle and a period of rest or modification of load to build up capacity. So we might want to avoid dynamic load and replace it with a static load before returning to dynamic then return to sport/activity so tissue is ready and less sensitive to that particular movement pattern. I will always go through every aspect of you the person rather than just an injury. This means we can improve lots of small pieces to your jigsaw and improve performance.

I can offer many soft tissue therapy techniques to help reduce pain and improve movement. I have various methods of exercise therapy to help reduce pain and improve function. Book in to see how I can help with your pain.

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