Run Coaching series: Running Injuries

Updated: Feb 18

Running Injuries

Common risk factors for injury are; simple training errors, high BMI, and previous injury history. The simple act of running is by far the biggest factor involved in running injuries. Obvious really but rarely does anyone admit they are simply overdoing it. Ask on one of the many running groups and the answers range from shoes to stretching and not wearing compression gear to not enough warming up to some mythical biomechanical anomaly like pronation.

As much as 70% of running injuries are caused by training errors (some studies say 80%). What are these errors then? Too much, too soon, too hard, too fast, too often. Lots of too’s there but essentially lack of proper rest and recovery leads to poor adaptation. Overloading the tissues with any type of stress will lead to an injury if not kept in check. Some overload is required to produce an adaptation for a training effect so we need to develop an individual approach to managing this load/recovery cycle.

My run coaching plans are designed to fit anybody at any level. My FREE beginner's coaching starts you off on your run journey then our next steps program takes you beyond 5K to wherever you are heading. My performance plan is specifically designed to help you improve your performance with all the extra tools you need to get there.

My running injury clinic is here to help you deal with the pain and help rehabilitate your running injury. We also have a running technique clinic to help you get the most from your running.

Mark is a Lydiard foundation run coach with over 40 years experience of in running, racing, and triathlons. Having a coach is a great way to learn and grow as an athlete and to stay motivated on your running journey.