Sports Injury Clinic: Runners Hip Exercises

Updated: Feb 11

Here are some of our favorite exercises for strengthening up the hip for runners. We chose these as they incorporate numerous different planes of motion that help stabilize our hips when running. As runners, we need a stable base for ground force absorption and to then transfer forces back into the ground for forward motion. Our main aim is to reduce side to side differences or imbalances and bring control to the hip, pelvis, and lower leg during motion. Whilst there is no one factor in injury prediction we can reduce risk by adding conditioning to our weekly training. As long as we are managing the load from our training we can help reduce the risks associated with an injury.

All of these exercises can be progressed or regressed as necessary, please contact us if you require any help or injury assessment.

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We begin with the Russian Dead Lift with a single leg.

Next we have the lunge.

Deadlift, hip hinge.


lateral bend.

lateral leg lift.

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