Run Coaching Series: Time Trial

Updated: Feb 18

Time Trial.

Time trials are an excellent way to check on progress and alter training to get the best outcome in our goal race. Time trials provide us with immediate feedback on how our training is going and what we need to do to improve. We can use this feedback to make quick changes to our current training like more aerobic conditioning or a change in speedwork. I will use time trials often as a question to you the runner, which is simply are you ready? I will often use an under distance event but at a "target race" pace so being able to focus entirely on the task is essential.

Time Trial adaptation:

✔Race simulation practice.

✔Feedback on current needs.

✔Setting a baseline.

✔Develop racing by feel.


❌Starting too fast.

❌Looking at the watch too much.

❌Poor effort control.

❌Going all out (save that for the race).

❌Going too far (should be race-specific).

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