Run Coaching Series. Fartlek.

Updated: Feb 18


This is a great fun session used primarily during the base building phase of our training pyramid. This is a session we use to prepare ourselves for the next phase by using short varied hard running with plenty of jogging between. An ideal session would mix jogging with 10-20ish efforts of hard but easily sustained running segments randomly distributed into a 30-50-minute run. The emphasis is on RANDOM non-structured fun as we develop towards more focused training further up the pyramid. The more we can remove structure the more fun it can be! I often see people talking about doing a fartlek but then describe the efforts and rest segments being timed which is completely missing the point of fartlek. Keep it fun fun fun, there will be plenty of time for more focussed work later.

The Fartlek adaptation:

✔ Aerobic leg speed.

✔ Emphasis on FUN!

✔ Developing a feeling-based training system.

✔ Pace change. Mixing speed, hills, and easy running.

Common mistakes:

❌ Prolonged sustained speed.

❌ Trying to structure the session.

❌Trying to go too far or doing too many efforts.

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