Run Coaching Series. Aerobic Run.

Updated: Feb 18

The aerobic run is our main volume building run during the week. A run of between 30-60 minutes depending on fitness levels. This is the bread and butter of your running and is also one the most enjoyable as they are "just right" not too far not too fast. Often described as "tempo" or sweet spot training the vague terminology reflects the range that an aerobic run has. We do need to assert some control over this so we don't push beyond what we need versus having fun. This is also one of those runs where we can leave all the technology at home and just enjoy the running.

Aerobic Run benefits & adaptation:

✔Recovery from harder efforts.

✔Relaxation & enjoyment.

✔Learn to run on feel.

✔Building volume during the week.


❌ Starting too fast.

❌ Running too hard. ❌ Looking at the watch too much.

❌ Going too far

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