Run Coaching Series. Long Run.

Updated: Feb 18

The Long Run.

The long run is the cornerstone of any endurance training plan. We should be running at an easy conversational pace, something that can easily be maintained and is a very low stress. Essential development takes place during this run such as mitochondrial development and blood capillary growth. The ability to focus on keeping it easy and staying in the zone is a key part of your development with this run. Take your time building this run over the weeks focussing on time, not the distance as this allows for how things are on the day of your long run. A 2-hour run is still 2 hrs long irrespective of the distance achieved, it matters much less about speed/distance the effort is far more important. Take it EASY!

The long run adaptation🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️: ✔increased mitochondrial development. ✔Increased muscle blood capillaries. ✔Improved fat metabolism. ✔Neuromuscular adaptation.

Mistakes: ❌going too hard, try easy conversational effort. ❌going too long, build up slowly over the weeks. ❌ focusing on speed or distance.

My run coaching plans are designed to fit anybody at any level. My FREE beginner's coaching starts you off on your run journey then our next steps program takes you beyond 5K to wherever you are heading. My performance plan is specifically designed to help you improve your performance with all the extra tools you need to get there.

Mark is a Lydiard foundation run coach with over 40 years of experience in running, racing, and triathlons. Having a coach is a great way to learn and grow as an athlete and to stay motivated on your running journey.

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