Run Coaching: Race Day

Updated: Feb 18

For most runners, this is what it's all about, Race Day!

What does race day mean to you?

The finish line is what we are aiming for but what goes on between the start and that line should have been TRAINED for.

Whatever your goal is, getting round, setting a PB, or even winning the race itself should be EASY!

A goal needs a plan to get you there, we all know the destination but have you put that down on paper and set out how you are going to achieve it?

A good running coach will help you ask questions constantly not just send you a weekly plan. You need to know what you are doing and why. Understanding the process and how it relates to what you are trying to achieve. Give you guidance on avoiding the typical mistakes runners make. Following "the rules" according to everyone else on social media might work out ok for the lucky few but how can you make a plan fit you rather than the other way around. Bespoke run coaching need not cost the earth, about the cost of some posh trainers will get a year of coaching from me, and I''ll get more than a few % out of you!

My run coaching plans are designed to fit anybody at any level. My FREE beginner's coaching starts you off on your run journey then our next steps program takes you beyond 5K to wherever you are heading. My performance plan is specifically designed to help you improve your performance with all the extra tools you need to get there.

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