Run Coaching Clinic: Out & Back Run

Updated: Feb 18

Out & Back.

A great way to learn pace control is using an out and back route to test how well we manage to pace. Start at a controlled aerobic effort on the out leg then on the return slowly increase the effort until the end. The secret is to control the pace over both directions, steady out then build to finish. Pacing is more psychological than physical so is a good session during our base period to teach effort control ready for later when speed work and race practice begin. Specificity here means not going too far for your fitness level or trying to go too hard or treating it like a time trial. I use this type of run to build confidence in your running. Confidence that you are learning and progressing so that come race day you have the confidence to hold onto your effort.

Out & Back adaptation:

✔Pacing ability.

✔Finding a rhythm.

✔Race simulation session.

✔Comfort at speed.


Going out too hard.

Going out too easy.

Not being specific.

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