Run Coaching Clinic: Intervals

Updated: Feb 18

Interval Training.

Intervals are like the icing on the endurance cake. Once we have built our aerobic base and followed that up with pre-interval strength with hills, we are now ready for interval training. We can divide intervals into a continuous run or an interval session. Interval sessions should always have a specific desired outcome based on the demands of the event we are training for. Short hard intervals utilize fast-twitch muscle fibers and stress our alactic system, these are very short good for developing power but not so useful in a marathon. Longer efforts that stress the anaerobic system and aid the body in dealing with lactate properly, this is much better for an endurance runner from 5k-marathon. One of the most important aspects in intervals is effort and knowing when to stop. I use these sessions to prepare a runner for their specific race and build sessions geared towards the demands of the event. Rather than just doing generic "speedwork" that has no purpose we want to be prepared for exactly when we need it.

Interval Training adaptation:

✔ Develop lactate metabolism.

✔ Develop efficiency and economy at pace.

✔ Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

✔ Pace judgment.


Focussing too much on the time rather than the effort.

Trying to predict race times based on training.

Inadequate rest between efforts.

Trying to do too much.

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