Run Coaching Clinic: Progression

Updated: Feb 18


Are you making progress and how do you check or monitor it?

  • Feeling (RPE)

  • Velocity

  • Running economy

  • Duration

  • Resting HR

  • VO2 max

  • Physiological testing

  • Time Trials

These are just a handful of ways to check on progress with basic measures like how you are feeling to more scientific like physiological testing. Most sports watches and apps include measures like HR and VO2 max and health monitoring to keep an eye on. Time Trials are an easy way to check as long as they are easily repeatable and you can control as many variables as possible. It is a good idea to pick two or three measures together to provide a good picture of your training progress. As a coach, I can take this monitoring and make adjustments as we teach you to monitor yourself. Feeling-based training is one of the easiest and quickest measures to adopt into your training as you can react very quickly to make changes. RPE is your rate of perceived exertion or effort, measuring velocity and duration is also relatively easy, are you going further or faster for the same effort. Listen to your body is often the advice given to runners as a way of monitoring how things are going and are important. Being constantly fatigued and sore is not progress it’s the first step to overtraining and sickness or injury.

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