Run Coaching: Adaptation

Updated: Feb 18

Principles of endurance adaptation.

When building a training plan for a runner I look at certain principles to allow for an adaptation to take place. For adaptation, we need a stimulus then recovery so the body adapts. We can use a combination of the following to produce adaptations:






For the vast majority of runners and running events, we need simple volume at an aerobic effort. Events from 5k – Marathon are largely aerobic so volume and frequency are the primary tools we use to produce the initial and long-term adaptation. Adaptations during aerobic easy running are required to support harder running later in specific periods where intensity and specificity are added. Beginners and returners to running do very well with mostly easy to moderate effort and volume where we can easily modify the frequency, duration, and intensity to bring adaptation. We need to be mindful of the law of diminishing returns when planning for each type of runner and put strategies in place to monitor and adapt as our athletes grow. This is why we periodize training to build recover and then build again.

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