Running Injury Clinic: Overtraining Signs

Updated: Feb 11

Overtraining Symptoms

Spotting the signs and symptoms of overtraining is an essential skill required for us to reduce the risk of illness and injury during our run training. So what are some of the typical signs we can look out for? Do you have any of these regularly?

· Increased prolonged fatigue

· Longer recovery times

· Increased irritability

· Low motivation

· Feeling of heaviness

· Low mood

· Change in resting heart rate

· Disturbed sleep

· Lower levels of performance

· Inflammation

So there are many signs here that we can use to monitor for overtraining and help us to avoid getting ill or injured. We also have many ways to aid us in managing the load we subject our bodies to throughout each week. Rest and recovery is the most important aspect of our training and should, therefore, be the main part of our schedule in micro and macrocycles. Having a well thought out individual training plan should help you plan out your training and rest cycles. Monitoring what you are doing also means you can make quick changes when things are not quite right. A training plan that is progressive will have a steadily increasing load so it would be a good idea to support this with adequate hydration and nutrition. Most modern phones or watches come with tools to monitor health so these are a great addition to our training monitoring. What are you doing to keep active and healthy?

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