Sports Injury Clinic: Overflowing Cup of Pain

Updated: Feb 14

I am asked all the time by clients about their pain and what causes it. Now that we know so much more about pain it is clear that there are many factors involved in how we end up in pain. So, in the absence of a traumatic injury pain is very complex, we very often see less pain involved in a traumatic injury.

We often use terms such as load vs capacity to describe what is going on with a “sports injury” which is often a simple training error because we have exceeded the capacity of a particular tissue by overuse and not resting to allow these tissues to adapt.

What about general aches and pains that we can’t really explain and non-sports injuries? like the dreaded low back pain! We often use an analogy like the overflowing cup to describe non-traumatic and persistent pain.

In this example, the “load” going into the cup is everything involved in you the person with your “capacity” displayed as the cup. These are just a handful of the types of “loads” you the person is undergoing each day. So once your cup “capacity” is full then we start entering into overload and any one of our loads can cause and amplify pain. A good night's sleep may restore your capacity but repeatedly overloading the cup and the effects on us physically and mentally can easily lead to increased pain and a smaller cup.

With the right help, we can get you managing this load vs capacity and help you live better with pain rather than in pain. I love helping my clients with all sorts of things to help them get better and reduce their pain We work together to develop strategies to deal with reducing their load and increasing their capacity.

I can offer many soft tissue therapy techniques to help reduce pain and improve movement. I have various methods of exercise therapy to help reduce pain and improve function. Book in to see how I can help with your pain.

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