Healthy & Active at Work

Updated: Feb 22

Getting active at work is a great way to reduce stress and improve health & wellbeing. Regular exercise is well known to get you healthy and here are our ways to add-in some healthy habits to beat static working environments. Things that keep you moving more to increase steps and get your upper body moving are great. Workplaces are rarely set up to manage your health so it's important to try and get things organized to make your work life more comfortable to ease tension. Recent research shows the average commute takes just over an hour but is only 23 miles in length. How can you make that into a more healthy activity?

What do you do to keep active?

How about 30 mins of activity every day? Take a look at this article on getting the right amount in each day to counter the effects of prolonged static working. 30mins of exercise a day could counter risks of prolonged sitting - BBC Science Focus Magazine

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