Frequently asked questions

What is a running injury?


What causes running injuries?


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What running injury do I have?


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How do I stop a running injury?


Can I run with an injury?

What can I do if i have an injury?

Is there a running injury clinic near me?

Can I run every day?

What can I do whilst I am injured?

What is a virtual running injury assessment?

What is a running technique analysis & will it help?

Why am I getting a running injury?

My Knee hurts what is it

My Ankle hurts what is it?

My Hip hurts what is it?

My Foot hurts what is it?

My Back hurts what is it?

Can my running technique cause injuries?

Can my running shoes cause injuries?

Can my running training cause injuries?

Can a sports massage help?

Can soft tissue therapy help with my running injury?

Can strength and conditioning help stop running injuries?


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