Running & Sports Injury Clinic

Welcome to my running injury clinic based in March, Cambridgeshire. I offer many sports injury treatments including assessment treatment and rehabilitation. I specialize in running injury analysis and rehab. My services range from clinic-based therapy to mobile therapy and virtual injury screening and technique analysis. I love helping my clients recover from injury and boost their running performance, so if you are looking for help with a running injury in a clinic near you then take a look at what I offer. Check the FAQ PAGE to help you find the help you need to beat injuries and boost your running. Alternatively email: for help.

Our running injury specialist Mark has many years of experience with runners and running injury treatment. Mark has been running for over 40 years plus over 30 years in triathlons. Mark is also a Level 3 Lydiard foundation qualified running coach having coached many runners. I love working with runners on their performance and will help anyone looking to either start running or to improve their running performance. 


I work throughout the United Kingdom to help any runner with their running injury with our physical and virtual clinics. Take a look at all of my services there will always be a suitable service for you. I also have run coaching plans to suit anyone from beginner to advanced or returning to running. I have a plan to suit you because everything is bespoke and tailored to suit YOUR needs and goals.

Sports Massage Clinic

My clinic in March, Cambridgeshire also offers sports and deep tissue massage services for long-term support to athletes in a clinic close to you. We look after all types of sportspeople for regular treatment of common aches and pains. Low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, ankle pain, headaches, and all sorts of general effects of posture and static working environments.

I offer various packages to suit long term treatment such as our 6-for-5 package and fixed fee injury plans to use with our in-house sports injury rehab treatment. My fixed fee sports injury service is perfect for those who do not have access to any equipment at home. Check the FAQ PAGE for more help.